Lawn Grooming

Little Rock Lawn Cutter, provides an affordable and reliable solution for your lawn. We specialize in manicure-cutting, trimming, leaf clean and general cleaning of lawns with a focus on private home and small commercial properties. With a combined experience of 10 years, our small operation has an exceeding efficiency for yielding awesome and personable results for your lawn grooming needs.


As a family owned and operated local business, we value the ability of enabling our customers the joy of coming home or to office in view of a well cut/groomed lawn. We have competitive rates, priced to meet budgets of any and all. Estimates are free, so please schedule Full Lawn Manicure or any one of our general-services, for a cut today.
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Our current special rates come in the form of a FULL LAWN MANICURE!

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General Services we offer are as follows:​

  • Leaf Clean up

  • Leaf Mulching

  • Mowing

  • Trimming 

  • Blowing

  • Edging Sidewalks and Driveways

  • Shrub Trimming

  • Hedge Trimming

  • Tree Trimming

  • Lawn Cleaning

  • Picking up and animal excrement

  • Laying Top Soil

  • Laying Mulch

We also except Cash App


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